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Our Family Ministriess


Heavenly Father, you are the Creator and we are all your children. Make us truly one. Protect us from the division in families, in communities, in the Church and in the world.

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Savior who died for us and saved us. Now as your disciples, you send us forth to proclaim the good news of salvation in you throughout the world. May we be worthy witnesses. Show us the way to self-denial, embrace of the cross, and following you. Raise among us true servant leaders who have a passion for souls.

Holy Spirit, you are the agent of evangelization who sends us to engage in spiritual warfare. Equip us with the armor of God and weapons of righteousness. Help us to preserve unity in the Spirit through the bond of peace. May we stand together as your holy warriors.

Triune God, you are three Persons in one God. In you we have one baptism, one faith, one hope. We are one body. Help us to truly become united in mind and heart, in vision and mission, to be one with the Father through the Son and in the Spirit.

Mama Mary, you are our beloved Mother. We are your offspring who strive to keep God's commands, bear witness to Jesus, and wage war in the Spirit against the enemy. Cover us with your mantle of protection, keeping us in your loving embrace always.


Bro. Frank with Pope Francis

At his meeting with Pope Francis on October 25, 2013, Bro Frank presented his new book to the Pope

Bro. Frank with Pope Benedict XVI

Frank and Gerry Padilla present the books "Servant Leadership" and "Stories from Prison" to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, on February 09, 2010, at the Vatican

Consecration of CFCFFL to Blessed Virgin Mary

What is Divine Mercy?

Talk on Divine Mercy
by Fr. Manny Cruzlisten

Work with the Poor

WWP Fishing Boats for Displaced Fishermen

Fishing boats constructed of fiberglass built by the No One in Need (NONe) movement in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Palo and Caritas. For distribution to fishermen displaced by typhoon Yolanda.

Serving the Poorest of the Poor

OUR THEME FOR 2017 (Part 6)


We as the people of God live by the Spirit and not by the flesh. “Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified their flesh with its passions and desires.” (v.24). We are to avoid the works of the flesh. “Now the works of the flesh are obvious: immorality, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, rivalry, jealousy, outbursts of fury, acts of selfishness, dissensions, factions, occasions of envy, drinking bouts, orgies, and the like.” (v.19-21a).


December 12, 2016 (C-Fam) – With his job still on the line, the newly appointed UN independent expert for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights laid out a provocative agenda for his 3-year term a couple weeks ago. “This mandate will cover every country under the sun and under the moon,” Thai Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn is reported to have said, further antagonizing countries that have already promised not to cooperate with him.


Couples For Christ

Foundation for Family & Life (Canada)

Incorporated as Community For Christ Foundation for Family & Life in Ontario, Canada
Accredited and affiliated with Couples For Christ Foundation Inc., Manila, Philippines
Registered lay association in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Postal Address: 2250 Midland Avenue, Unit 7
Scarborough, Ontario M1P 4R9
Telephone No.: 416.335.3358    
Fax No.: 416.335.0051    
Email Address:    
Spiritual Director: Fr. Luis Calleja (for the Archdiocese of Toronto)    

Pastoral Structure:

Country Servant: Manuel (Boyet) Altura    
Servants Council: Pedro (Jun) Almeyda    
  Roberto (Bobby) Ribo     
  Francisco (Kit) Galema    
  Raul Lanting    
  Rey Kasten (Rey) Arambulo    
  Clarito (Toti) Belen    

GTA District Servant:

Jose (Joe) Lee    

Central/North GTA Cluster:

Rolando (Rollie) Mendoza    
Chapter Servants      
Downtown Toronto & Etobicoke: Arturo (Arnel) Corral    
Markham & York Region: Alex (Alex) Guerina    
Scarborough Central: Manolo (Manny) Cruz    
Scarborough Northwest: Conrado (Conrad) Belisario    

East GTA Cluster:

Edgar (Alain) Pena    
Chapter Servants      
Durham: Querubin (Qiro)Viray    
Scarborough Northeast: Joseph (jojo) Vallon    
Scarborough Southeast: Aldrin (Aldrin) Carlos    
Scarborough Southwest: Eliseo (Ely) Castillo    

West GTA Cluster:

Manuel (Manny) Agregado    
Chapter Servants      
Brampton: Crisanto (Cris) Javier    
Mississauga East: Nicolas (Nick) Murillo    
Mississauga West: Resti (Resti) Roque    

Canada East Region Coordinator:

Pedro (Jun) Almeyda    
Hamilton Mission Area Servant: Philip (Rodney) Asuncion    
Sarnia Area Servant: Rey (Rey) Jusi    
Ottawa Area Servant: Rey (Rey) Babol    

Canada West Region Coordinator:

Manuel (Boyet) Altura    
Alberta Area Servant: Luis (Louie) Untalan    
British Columbia Area Servant: Raul Lanting    
Manitoba Area Servant: Rey Kasten (Rey) Arambulo    
Saskatchewan Area Servant: Clarito (Toti) Belen    

Young Couples Group:

Joseph Manrique    



Family Ministries Coordinator:

Leonilo (Leo) de Guia    
Kids for Family & Life: Simon Cuison    
Youth for Family & Life Nestor Frigillana    
Singles for Family & Life    
Handmaids for Family & Life Lourdes (Lou) Ramos    

Liturgical Bible Study:

Jose (Joe) Lee    

Social Ministries:

Roberto (Bobby) Ribo    
Work For Life: Basilio (Beppo) Paredes    
Work With the Poor  Roberto (Bobby) Ribo    
Migrant Workers:    


Corporate Secretary: Florencia (Florie) Lee    
Administration & Finance Wilfredo (Will) Villar    
Treasurer: Helen (Yeyel) Paredes    
Accountant: Socorro (Corrie) Villar    
Asst. Accountant: Ronildo (Ronnie) Manahan    
Church Relations: Francisco (Francis) Baduria    
Communication Bureau: Jose (Joe) Lee    
Special Events: Ronnie Delagana    
SA Coordinator: Edgardo (Ed) Rubiales    
Website Administrator: Jose (Joe) Lee    
Novelties: Estelita (Tel) de la Cruz    



Contact information

  • Address: 2250 Midland Avenue, Unit 7 Scarborough, Ontario M1P 4R9
  • phone: 416.335.3358
  • Fax: 416.335.0051
  • email:

Last updated: Monday, October 16, 2017

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